• Use "Creature Swap" to give "Sasuke Samurai #3" to your opponent then attack it with something weaker. In order to make this even easier, you can use cards that decrease the ATK of your most powerful monsters, like "Shrink", and/or you can make "Sasuke Samurai 3" become even stronger than your monsters with high ATK, using cards like "Rising Energy". If you use "Spirit Reaper" you can continue to attack and draw each turn until one of them is removed from the field.
    • Alternatively, you can combine this card with "Give and Take". Special Summon this card to your opponent's field, then attack it with a weaker monster without fear of having being destroyed in battle to instantly fill your hand. Not to mention it can assist with a Synchro Summoning, or create a good opening for a monster of yours that does peircing damage.
  • Use this card in combination with "Greed" and "Disturbance Strategy" to cause your opponent to lose up to 7000 life points. (+1000 if a direct attack was successful).
  • If you force your opponent to draw cards with this effect, they'll have 8 cards in their hand during their next Draw Phase, exactly what you need to activate "Heavy Slump".
  • Use with "Card Destruction" to quickly mill your opponent's deck. This can cause him/her to draw anywhere from 7 to 14 cards.
  • "Honest" allows you to activate this card's effect easily.
  • This card, along with other cards appearing in Mystical Ninja, Staring Goemon, a Konami produced game, work surprisingly well together. One could use "Sasuke Samurai 3" or "Lady Ninja Yae" to fill up your opponent's hand, then use several "Goe Goe the Gallant Ninjas" to send their cards to grave.
  • Though at first it looks like wouldn't fit the theme, this could do massive damage in a Virus Control Deck as it is possible your opponent will have few cards to continue to use and you can make them lose alot in a short time period.
  • This card works really well together with "Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi". Attack with "Sasuke Samurai 3" first and then with "Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi". Your opponent will first draw until their hand has 7 cards and will have to send all the cards in their hand to the graveyard during their next Draw Phase before they draw (unless countered by the effects of cards like "Battle Fader" that the opponent could draw).

Traditional Format

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