• This card works well with "Ally of Justice Decisive Armor": 1 of the opponent's monsters can be removed by Tributing it to Special Summon this monster to the opponent's field, and as there will be a LIGHT monster on their field, the effects of "Decisive Armor" (or most other "Ally of Justice" monsters, at that) can be applied.
  • In a Spirit Deck, Special Summon this card, and then activate "Creature Swap" to switch it with your Spirit monster (that will return to your hand during the End Phase). Then, either "Yamato-no-Kami", "Izanagi" or "Fenghuang" can be Summoned to Xyz Summon a Rank 6 monster or wait until your next turn to do this and draw 1 card during this End Phase.
    • A good monster to Xyz Summon is "Constellar Ptolemy M7", to detach this card and return this card itself to the hand, in order to Summon it again.
  • Combo this card's Special Summoning effect with "Black Rose Moonlight Dragon", for free monster removal each turn. This card has an advantage over "Volcanic Queen" and "Lava Golem" because it does not prevent yourself from Normal Summoning or Setting other monsters by using its effect.
  • By Summoning this card to your opponent's field, their "Burning Abyss" monsters can be disrupted, as they destroy themselves if there is a non-"Burning Abyss" monster on their field.
  • Use this card in a Mill Deck to remove an opponent's monster and force them to draw a card, which will simultaneously protect yourself and bring your opponent closer to running out of cards.

Traditional Format

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