• If all copies of "Mother Grizzly" in your Deck are already used up, return one to your hand with this card, then use "Pot of Avarice" to return the other two to your Deck, setting up a good defense/Tribute fodder.
    • Similarly, this card can return two copies of "Mother Grizzly" to your hand, allowing you to use "Moray of Greed" to return one to the Deck.
  • "Deep Sea Diva" and her search targets are among the best targets for this card.
    • Use "Deep Sea Diva" to search out "Spined Gillman" or "Mermaid Archer" and Synchro Summon "Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon". Then this card can be used to recycle the Synchro Materials. Better yet, activate "Moray of Greed" to return "Spined Gillman" or "Mermaid Archer" to your Deck, so it can be searched again, or simply "update" your hand since your opponent knows what two of the cards in your hand are.
  • This can be used in a "Cloudian" Deck effectively, because of their WATER Attribute and low ATK.
  • In a "Gishki" Deck, this can be used to recover "Gishki Shadow" and "Gishki Vision", which can then be discarded to add a "Gishki" Ritual Spell Card and an "Evigishki" Ritual Monster to your hand. If you already have one of those in hand (e.g. if the effect of "Gishki Aquamirror" is used to return itself to your Deck and an "Evigishki" to your hand), the other can then be searched by discarding the relevant one ("Shadow" in this case) and use the one that wasn't discarded (in this case, "Vision") to pay for the entire cost of the Ritual Summon, regardless of that "Evigishki" monster's Level.
  • This card is incredibly helpful in "Atlantean"/"Mermail" Decks, allowing yourself to retrieve discarded "Atlantean" monsters to be used as the cost for "Mermail" monsters' effects.
    • If "Mermail Abyssdine" is targeted while another "Mermail" monster is on your field, she will not only be instantly Summoned from your hand, but another "Mermail" from the Graveyard as well.
  • This card is effective in "Graydle" decks, since it can retrieve any of the Main Deck monsters from the Graveyard. It's especially useful with "Graydle Slime Jr." if you have at least two other Level 3 "Graydle" monsters in the Graveyard; using this card on the "Slime Jr." and one of the other monsters will immediately set you up to get the most out of its effect (usually a Synchro Summon of "Graydle Dragon").


  • WATER monsters with 1500 or less ATK:
 Primary typeMonster typeTypeStarsATKDEF
30,000-Year White TurtleNormal MonsterAqua512502100
Altergeist MeluseekEffect MonsterSpellcaster1500300
Amazon of the SeasNormal MonsterFish413001400
AmebaEffect MonsterAqua1300350
Amphibious Bugroth MK-3Effect MonsterMachine415001300
Aqua Armor NinjaEffect MonsterWarrior48001600
Aqua MadoorNormal MonsterSpellcaster412002000
Aqua SnakeNormal MonsterAqua31050900
Aquaactress GuppyEffect MonsterAqua2600600
Aquaactress TetraEffect MonsterAqua1300300
Aquarian AlessaEffect MonsterGemini monsterAqua41500500
Ariel, Priestess of the NekrozEffect MonsterPsychic410001800
Arma KnightNormal MonsterAqua410001200
Armored KappaXyz MonsterPsychic24001000
Armored StarfishNormal MonsterAqua48501400
Atlantean Attack SquadEffect MonsterSea Serpent314000
Atlantean Heavy InfantryEffect MonsterSea Serpent201600
Atlantean MarksmanEffect MonsterSea Serpent314000
Atlantean PikemanNormal MonsterSea Serpent214000
Aurora WingEffect MonsterWinged Beast412001600
Barrier Statue of the TorrentEffect MonsterAqua410001000
Beastking of the SwampsEffect MonsterAqua410001100
Beautunaful PrincessEffect MonsterFish100
Beelze FrogEffect MonsterAqua31200800
BehegonNormal MonsterAqua413501000
Big WhaleEffect MonsterFish910003000
Bixi, Water of the Yang ZingEffect MonsterWyrm202000
Blizzard FalconEffect MonsterWinged Beast415001500
Blizzard WarriorEffect MonsterWarrior31400400
Blizzed, Defender of the Ice BarrierEffect MonsterAqua1300500
Blue DustonEffect MonsterFiend101000
Bolt EscargotNormal MonsterThunder514001500
Bolt PenguinNormal MonsterThunder31100800
BoneheimerNormal MonsterAqua3850400
Botanical GirlEffect MonsterPlant313001100
Boulder TortoiseNormal MonsterAqua614502200
Cannonball Spear ShellfishEffect MonsterAqua210001000
Caravan of the Ice BarrierEffect MonsterSea Serpent1500200
CarrierroidEffect MonsterMachine41000800
Cat SharkXyz MonsterBeast2500500
Catapult TurtleEffect MonsterAqua510002000
Change SlimeNormal MonsterAqua1400300
Chemicritter Hydron HawkEffect MonsterGemini monsterWinged Beast21400700
Chrysalis DolphinEffect MonsterFish2400600
Cloudian - Acid CloudEffect MonsterFairy45000
Cloudian - AltusEffect MonsterFairy413000
Cloudian - CirrostratusEffect MonsterFairy49000
Cloudian - Ghost FogEffect MonsterFiend100
Cloudian - NimbusmanEffect MonsterFairy510001000
Cloudian - Poison CloudEffect MonsterFiend301000
... further results

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