• Use this with "Noisy Gnat" to summon a Level 3 monster instead.
  • Use this with "Star Changer" to summon a Level 1 or 3 monster.
    • This option is more effective than using "Noisy Gnat" or "Silent Strider" as it doesn't take up valuable monster spots in your deck and can open up your Synchro options more too than using "Level Tuning".
  • This card is very useful to summon "Armory Arm".
  • This card can be used to quickly perform Xyz Summons or bring out Tuners for Synchro Summons.
  • This card fits particularly well with the Gusto archetype.
  • Special Summon "Fabled Raven" to then have the option to Synchro Summon almost any Synchro monster you like, depending on how many cards you wish to discard for the effect of "Fabled Raven".
    • This is a brutal tactic in a Dark World deck and can lead to an OTK if you are precise with your choices.
    • This tactic can also help kick-start a Fabled deck combination play through quickly using the effect "Fabled Raven".
    • As an alternative, this tactic can also allow you to Synchro Summon any Synchro monster that specifically requires a non-Tuner Spellcaster-Type monster(s).

Traditional Format

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