• Ensure that your opponent takes the damage by sending the card to the Graveyard with "Dragged Down into the Grave" or "Mind Crush". "Hand Destruction" can also be used if your opponent has two or fewer cards in their hand.
    • Note that if the card has an effect that activates from the Graveyard, this can still backfire; you can counter this with "Soul Drain" (if it is a monster) or "The End of Anubis".
  • If your opponent only has one card in their hand and you know what it is, "Prohibition" can be used.
  • Use if you know your opponent has one or multiple Nomi monsters in their hand, as they can never be Normal Summoned.
  • Use cards that can negate Summons or activations to ensure that your opponent takes the damage.
  • If you would take damage from this card, use "Rainbow Life" to gain 1000 Life Points instead.

Traditional Format/OCG

  • Use "Solemn Judgment" to easily negate the Summon or activation of any card (beware the high cost, however).

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