• If you happen to discard your own monsters to the Graveyard by this card's effect, use "Rite of Spirit" to get them back on the field.
  • You can get around this card's drawback (i.e. the fact that you also lose all of your monsters) with "Gravekeeper's Stele".
  • You can use this card in "Dark World" deck as most of the "Dark World" monsters are unaffected by "Necrovalley", while also depriving your opponent's hand in the process.
  • Use this card after Flip Summoning "Guardian Sphinx" to not only clear monsters from your opponent's side of the field, but also make them harder to retrieve as long as "Necrovalley" is still on the field.

Traditional Format

  • "Royal Tribute" works very well against "Yata-Garasu".

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