Traditional Format

  • This card can be searched by "A Cat of Ill Omen" and "The Despair Uranus".
  • In a Burn Deck, this card can be used after critically damaging the opponent, since they most likely will not want to risk losing more Life Points.
  • Combine this with card effects that Special Summon during the Damage Step, since this card's effect cannot be used during that time.
  • In Decks capable of Swarming, this card can be activated after filling up your frontrow, leaving your opponent at a major disadvantage.
  • Use this card in Decks that tend not to Special Summon, like a "Gadget" or "Monarch".
  • You can use "Ultimate Offering" to gain field advantage without Special Summons while this card is active.
  • Remember that this card can be used to counter cards that may Special Summon something, but don't necessarily have to, including "Macro Cosmos" and "Starlight Road".
  • Bounce this card with "Darkness Neosphere" to make sure your opponent cannot use this card.