• "Level Limit - Area B" is a useful card to activate after this card is Normal Summoned, ensuring that Level 4 or higher monsters can't attack it and that its high DEF will ward off any attacks from Level 3 or lower monsters, as well as providing a Spell Counter.
  • "Heart of Clear Water" is a useful card to equip to this card, as it protects it from being destroyed by battle or being targeted by card effects, as well as providing a Spell Counter.
  • If this card was Summoned in Attack Position that turn and has gained 2 Spell Counters, "Wonder Wand" can be equipped to it for the third Spell Counter so that its draw effect can be used. Afterwards, the effect of "Wonder Wand" can be used to ensure that it is no longer vulnerable in Attack Position.
  • Use Spell Cards that can be activated during the Damage Step like "Shrink" to protect a set "Library" and gain a Spell Counter.
  • You could combine this card with "Shield & Sword", "Scapegoat", "United We Stand", and then with "Megamorph" in order to make it to a powerful monster card with 12,000 ATK/6,000 DEF points, which could make an easier OTK, please. Additonally, you could gain 3 Spell Counters within a single turn, and then use its effect to draw a card as well, please.

Traditional Format

Start with 5 cards (play "Royal Magical Library","Terraforming"->"Magical Citadel of Endymion", 3 permanent/equip Spells ("Field Barrier", "Mage Power", "Swords of Revealing Light") You will be able to draw many cards through the effects of the library and citadel. If you get 1 additional permanent spell ("Malevolent Nuzzler") and "Giant Trunade" the fun continues. From now on, after resetting your field (and your opponents) with "Giant Trunade" (= second cycle) you need to draw monsters and non permanent spells to keep 1 spell/trap card zone free. ("Endymion, the Master Magician", "Spell power grasp" and "Magical Dimension") This time keep the counters of the citadel for the summon of Endymion so you can use his effect to bring back "Giant Trunade" to your hand. Reset the field again. During the third cycle draw "Magical Exemplar" and summon it to the field with "Magical Dimension" (by offering Endymion). With the remaining counters draw "Magical Blast" (for more counters) and "Dark Red Enchanter". You will be able to accumulate enough counters to summon "Dark Red Enchanter" with the effect of "Magical Exemplar" and Endymion back from the grave with the citadel. Endymion uses his effect again to bring back "Giant Trunade" to your hand. Reset the field again. Use the fourth cycle to generate more spell counters for the effects of the library and the enchanter. finaly you will be able to attack with over 10000 ATK. (OTK)