• You can use this card when Dark Magician Girl gets sent to the Graveyard. Make sure Dark Magician is sent to the Graveyard to give her the extra 300 ATK, along with the 800 ATK boost from this card.
  • If used to Special Summon "Mechanical Hound" you will have a 3600 ATK monster and your opponent will be unable to activate Spell Cards.
  • This is an ideal card to use in Decks that revolve around "Forced Requisition". Since most players will hold off on playing as many cards as they can until the end of their turn to minimize their exposure to effects that destroy cards on the field, using this card during their Battle Phase can unexpectedly rob them of essential assets.
    • Once your opponent catches on to this strategy, punish them for trying to counter it with cards like "Malevolent Catastrophe".
  • Discard "Ojamagic" via this card's effect to not only bring back a monster at greater power, but you'll be able to add three "Ojama" monsters to your hand for later use.

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