• Summon this card while your opponent controls "Skill Drain" to avoid being unable to activate cards or effects. However, this will not prevent the maintenance cost from forcing you to send your hand to the Graveyard to keep this card on the field.
  • Infernity decks benefit from having no cards in your hand; thus making Rocket Arrow Express' high cost beneficial. Keep in mind though that this is more to back up your deck for if Rocket Arrow gets destroyed.
  • You can Normal Summon and Special Summon other monsters on the turn you Summon this card. This may be your only chance to control anything on the field other than this monster.
  • Tribute Summon "The Tyrant Neptune" with this card along with monster with a powerful effect held back by its low ATK. This will allow you to take advantage of two different monsters' strengths without suffering from their weaknesses.
    • Alternately, perhaps Special Summon a second monster with its own Summoning condition like "Chaos Sorcerer", "Fenrir", etc. after Special Summoning this card, then Tribute Summon "Neptune".
    • Even if you don't have another monster, this card's maintenance cost is not treated as an effect, meaning that "Neptune" does not require you to send your hand to the Graveyard to keep it on the field.
  • You can use this card to Tribute Summon (during the turn you summon this card) or to Xyz Summon Rank 10 monsters easily while not having to pay its high cost of discarding your hand every turn.
  • You can Tribute this card to Tribute Summon "Great Maju Garzett", to have a 10000 ATK monster (during the turn you Summon this card.)
  • To avoid the maintenance cost, use "Solomon's Lawbook" to skip your Standby Phase. However, this can only be done before you Summon this monster, as it is impossible otherwise.
  • Some cards that benefit from being discarded, like Darklord Marie, can be used to assist this card's high cost.

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