• This card can help you to Summon "Evil Hero Dark Gaia", by using it to send any Rock-Type monster you desire to the Graveyard in order to use it as Fusion Material for "Dark Gaia" with the effect of "Dark Calling".
  • Use this card to provide targets for the effect of "Block Golem".
  • This card is useful alongside "Revival Golem". If it's threatened by Spell/Trap removal, you can just chain this card, dealing 500 damage to your opponent and getting a "free" 2100 DEF wall. In the same fashion, you can easily respond to an attack with this card, activating Golem's effect. A sudden 2100 DEF monster on what seemed a clear field can ruin your opponent's plans. Then you can use "Revival Golem" as a material for a Tribute, Synchro or Xyz Summon.

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