• Use multiples of this card to send multiple cards for each single time you deal damage.
  • Follow this card up with cards like "Drop Off" or "Drastic Drop Off" to make your opponent lose even more cards and force them into a bad position.
  • With "Toon World" on the field, use "Toon Gemini Elf", who can attack directly and can also make your opponent discard an additional random card when it attacks.
  • Out of all the 'hand destruction' cards available, this can be one of the most efficient. The majority of other hand destruction cards are one-use-only, but this can allow you deplete an opponent's options every time you inflict battle damage. During a prolonged duel where you've inflicted minor or major damage to the opponent multiple times, they will be hard-pressed to have any useful cards remaining in their hand for long.
  • In a Plant Deck, this card can combo with "Thorn of Malice" equipped to "Rose Tentacles" to effectively force your opponent to discard his hand if he has any Plant-Type monsters (including Tokens) to allow Rose Tentacles to deal piercing damage a few times with its own effect.
  • This card works well with "Reptiliannes" since they reduce monsters' ATK to 0 creating an easy means for dealing battle damage. "Fairy Box" can work similarly.
  • This card, when comboed with "Hard-Sellin' Goblin" while your opponent has no cards in his hand will create a combo that will destroy a Spell or Trap each time you inflict battle damage.
  • This card can work well with the "Watt" monsters. Assuming you can keep it on the field for a while, it can easily sway card advantage.
  • Despite this card's means of repeatedly generating card advantage, one reason why it is rarely seen in tournaments is due to the fact that a player will generally already be in a winning position to be taking advantage of this card's effect, and the card will do nothing to help a player in a losing position.

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