• Equip this card to Goblin King while there are one or more Fiend-Type monsters on your side of the field excluding that Goblin King and your opponent will be unable to declare an attack unless they destroy "Ring of Magnetism".
  • You can Equip Marshmallon with "Ring of Magnetism" so your opponent will only be able to attack Marshmallon, and since it cannot be destroyed by battle you will be safe from your opponent's attacks. It's better to use "Ring of Magnetism" in your deck instead of "Marshmallon Glasses" because "Marshmallon Glasses" can only help you if Marshmallon is on your side of the field, and "Ring of Magnetism" is effective in more situations.
  • Equip this to a Dragon type monster when Lady of D. is on the field and your opponent will be unable to attack.
  • Attach this card to Maha Vailo when it already has a decent amount of cards equipped to it. Because of it's own effect, the cost of 500 ATK will be neutralized and your opponent will have to attack it.

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