• This card is great to defend yourself against Chain Burn Decks.


 Japanese nameProperty
Aegis of Gaia女神の加護Continuous Trap Card
Attack and Receive白兵戦Normal Trap Card
BackfireバックファイアContinuous Trap Card
Bad Luck Blast不運の爆弾Normal Trap Card
Bad Reaction to Simochiシモッチによる副作用Continuous Trap Card
Barrel Behind the Door地獄の扉越し銃Counter Trap Card
Barrier Wave波動障壁Normal Trap Card
Battleguard Howlingバーバリアン・ハウリングNormal Trap Card
Black Thunderブラック・サンダーNormal Trap Card
Blackwing - BoobytrapBF-マインNormal Trap Card
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