• Use this card while "Des Counterblow" and "Neo Space" are active on the field. After you attack directly with a "Neos" Fusion Monster and it gets destroyed by "Des Counterblow", use this card and attack directly again for a grand total of 6000 points of damage, then use "Birthright" to bring "Elemental HERO Neos" back for another 3000 points of damage.
  • Use "Dimensionhole" to prevent "Neos" from being destroyed by this card's destruction effect.
  • In case your opponent controls a monster with 3900 or less ATK, use this card with "Neo Space" to destroy that monster, then Summon a "Neo-Spacian" monster from your hand and perform Contact Fusion to prevent "Neos" from being destroyed.
  • Prepare for another Contact Fusion during your Main Phase 2 to send "Neos" back into the Deck and avoid destruction.

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