• This card effectively turns any Spell Card into "Change of Heart".
  • By having a steady supply of Spell Cards in the hand and "Vengeful Servant" equipped to one of your opponent's monsters, you can constantly inflict damage to your opponent.
  • Use this monster's effect after you have Special Summoned a "Lava Golem" , "Grinder Golem"or "Volcanic Queen" to the opponents side of the field to take back control of it and launch a powerful direct attack.
    • "Grinder Tokens" can also be used as Tributes for this card's Ritual Summon.
    • Also, because this card returns control of the "Golems" to your opponent, doing this with "Lava Golem" means it will be back under your opponent's control in time to take more damage from its effect.
    • Also, keep in mind that the "Golems" have higher ATK, so it might be a good idea to have something to protect this card in case your opponent survives.

Traditional Format

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