• You can use "Spirit Barrier" so you take no damage when this card battles.
  • Use this card with "Damage = Reptile" both to get it out and to take full advantage of any damage you are sure to take when using "Reptilianne Naga".
  • You can combo this card with "Battle Mania" to make all of your opponent's monsters have 0 Attack if this is the only monster on your field.
  • Activate "Power Frame" to increase this card's Attack to prevent your opponent from giving you a lot of Battle Damage.
  • This card works well with "Venom Swamp" since it has 0 ATK and can't be destroyed by battle, and it works better when using "Venom Burn" since it can make your opponent's monsters capable of gaining unlimited Venom Counters.
    • Similarly, this card will also gain unlimited Venom Counters, so instead of your opponent's monster, you could instead target this card for "Venom Burn".
    • Be warned though, this monster's effect will cause any target that it battles with to be unable to be destroyed by Venom Swamp's effect
  • You can set this card face-down first since it only changes battle position when face up. With this tactic, you can surprise your opponent without taking damage.
  • A way to minimize battle damage while this card is face-up on your side on the field is using "Nordic Relic Brisingamen", even it gives you a great chance to destroy a monster at the same time
  • "Mirror Mail" can be used to permanently boost the ATK of this card to the value of an opponent's attacking monster.
  • Activate "Zerozerock" to protect this card when it is in attack position.

Traditional Format

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