Card Tips:Release, Reverse, Burst

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  • This card's most effective use is most likely after you have detached all Xyz Materials from a "Utopia" monster you control.
  • Take control of an opponent's "Utopia" monster using a card like "Mind Control" or "Enemy Controller", then tribute it for this card's cost to trigger its effect. Not only will you get rid of their "Utopia" monster, but you'll destroy all their set Spells and Traps at the same time.
    • If the "Utopia" monster in question still has at least two Xyz Materials, use "Xyz Gift" on it (assuming you also have an Xyz Monster on the field) to detach its Xyz Materials to draw two cards. Then follow it up with this card. Not only will you devastate your opponent's field, but you'll gain hand advantage in the process.

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