• Use "Safe Zone" to guard the monster you Summon.
  • This card can counter Burn Decks by blocking all of their damage, and most Burn Decks lack ways to destroy monsters. However, beware that the monster you Special Summoned can still be Tributed for cards like "Lava Golem", causing you to lose the Duel.
  • Use "Stand-Off" on whatever monster you Summoned, making it indestructible and immune to card effects, thus blocking off this card's downside (although it will not be able to attack). The other drawback of "Stand-Off", the fact that the monster targeted by it can still be damaged, will be countered by the effect of this card.
    • As seen on the Tips page for "Stand-Off", if you target an opponent's Xyz Monster with that card while combining it with this card, you can perform a nearly perfect stall lock. Alternatively, use some effect to give your opponent a monster that will return to your control at the end of the turn, giving you two impervious monsters; protect them from cards like "Lava Golem" using "Mask of Restrict".
  • Note that this card has no restrictions on the Level, Type, or Attribute of the monster Summoned. Thus it can be used to quickly Summon a powerful and/or high-Level monster (as long as it isn't a Nomi/Semi-Nomi monster), as long as you make sure to protect them well, or flip them face-down or Xyz Summon to avoid this card's lose condition.
  • A good choice to Special Summon with this card is "Aria the Melodious Diva", as its effect will make it immune to battle destruction and any targeting effects. Beware that "Aria" can still be affected by non-targeting removal or negation effects, such as "Black Rose Dragon", "Dark Hole", and "Skill Drain".
  • If you have a face-up "Mound of the Bound Creator", Special Summon a Level 10 or higher monster to press your opponent as the effect of "Mound of the Bound Creator" will prevent either its destruction or its targeting by other card effects. (Note that it can still be destroyed by battle, or removed by an effect that neither targets nor destroys.)
    • Summon an "Earthbound Immortal" whose self-destruction effect will be prevented by the presence of "Mound of the Bound Creator", and who will be unable to be attacked, leaving non-targeting non-destroying negation or removal as the only way out.
  • An effective strategy can be to summon a powerful Spellcaster monster with this card (such as "Dark Magician", "Trance the Magic Swordsman", "Dark Magician of Chaos", etc.), then equip said monster with "Gagagashield". That will protect the Spellcaster from being destroyed in multiple attempts, along with the fact you won't take any more damage, creating a strong stall. Just be sure to protect "Gagagashield" from Spell/Trap destruction cards, which can break the combo.

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