• If you give your opponent a monster like "Gusto Egul", "Gusto Thunbolt" and "Gusto Gulldo", you can attack it with "Reeze" or the monster you stole, activating the effect of the recruiter and letting you Special Summon another monster from your Deck. You can even Special Summon the same monster that you sent to your Deck for the cost of this card.
  • Use this card along with "Windaar, Sage of Gusto". He can provide materials for "Reeze" to be traded with opponent's monster (best used with either "Gusto Gulldo" or "Gusto Egul") while you can attack the recruiters you previously traded with "Windaar", providing more swarming power.
    • If you destroy "Gusto Egul" with "Windaar", you can also Special Summon "Caam, Serenity of Gusto" from your Deck, and use "Caam's" effect to replace the card that was used for "Reeze's" effect activation cost.
      • If you either destroy a monster with "Windaar" or activating the destroyed recruiter's effect to Special Summon "Gusto Egul", you can immediately Synchro Summon "Daigusto Sphreez" during your Main Phase 2 for putting more pressure on the opponent.
    • "Windaar, Sage of Gusto" can also be Summoned using the same way that was used to Summon "Reeze". Any cards that can Special Summon "Reeze" (such as "Serene Psychic Witch", "Gusto Codor" or "Gusto Thunbolt") can also Special Summon Windaar.
  • If somehow you have this card in your hand, you can use "Emergency Teleport" (in Psycho Gust build) to Special Summon a Tribute fodder for this card. The same can also applicable to "Windaar", even though "Windaar" is more preferable to Tribute Summon.
  • "Reeze's" cost can also be used for returning monsters that is better Summoned from the Deck, such as "Esper Girl" (for Psycho-Gusto build), "Windaar" or another "Reeze", or any spare Gusto recruiters. You can also return various Psychic-type Tuner such as "Psychic Jumper" or "Psychic Commander" for bringing them out later with "Emergency Teleport".
  • One advantage this card have over "Psychic Jumper" is that she can swap even herself with her own effect (in worst case scenario), so even you Tribute Summon this card, you can swap it immediately for your opponent's stronger monster without waiting the presence of another Gusto monster.
    • Be careful though, as your opponent can also use this card's effect to take back their monster as well.

Traditional Format

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