• This card can be easily Fusion Summoned with "Red-Eyes Fusion".
  • You can destroy this card yourself through "Really Eternal Rest". This way, if your opponent controls a monster(s) with equip cards, you can clear the field and special summon the monsters that were equipped to "Red-Eyes Slash Dragon" to attack directly with them all.
  • If your opponent tries to destroy this card, it will only result in you swarming the field. When this card is destroyed, revive it using the effect of "Red-Eyes Retro Dragon", while using "Slash's" effect to summon the Monsters equipped to it earlier. This way, you can expect to control at least 3 Monsters.
  • "Phoenix Gearfried" has similar Effect to protect your cards and can be used as Fusion Material for this card. Also it can be returned by "Return of the Red-Eyes" when you control a Red-Eyes.

Traditional Format

  • "Makyura the Destructor" is one of the best Warriors to Fusion Summon this card with, since you can activate your Traps from the hand during that same turn(Assuming "Makyura" enters the Graveyard). This card's effects allow for "Makyura" to constantly be reused.