• This card can be easily Fusion Summoned with "Red-Eyes Fusion".
  • You can destroy this card yourself through "Really Eternal Rest". This way, if your opponent controls a monster(s) with equip cards, you can clear the field and special summon the monsters that were equipped to "Red-Eyes Slash Dragon" to attack directly with them all.
  • A good Fusion Material to use is "Amazoness Swords Woman", since your opponent will take any Battle Damage inflicted when it battles.
  • If your opponent tries to destroy this card, it will only result in you swarming the field. When this card is destroyed, revive it using the effect of "Red-Eyes Retro Dragon", while using "Slash's" effect to summon the Monsters equipped to it earlier. This way, you can expect to control at least 3 Monsters.
  • "Phoenix Gearfried" has similar Effect to protect your cards and can be used as Fusion Material for this card. Also it can be returned by "Return of the Red-Eyes" when you control a Red-Eyes.

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