• "King Dragun" can protect this card and other Dragons from being targeted by card effects, which can create a lockdown with "DNA Surgery".
    • Similarly, "Mirror Force Dragon" prevents the opponent from attacking your monsters or targeting them with card effects, since every card on their field will be destroyed if they do.
  • This card will have at least 5500 ATK if it is equipped with "Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword". It also leaves this card practically immune to effect-negating cards like "Skill Drain" or "Forbidden Chalice".
  • You can use "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" to revive "Red-Eyes B. Dragon", and then tribute it for this card.
  • A "Meteor Black Comet Dragon" that was Fusion Summoned by "Red-Eyes Fusion" can be Tributed to Summon this card. The effect of "Meteor Black Comet Dragon" can then be used to Special Summon a Normal Monster from the Graveyard. Alternatively, if "Meteor Black Comet Dragon" is destroyed by your opponent, you can use its effect to revive a "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" to Tribute for this card.

Traditional Format

  • This card can be searched by "Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms".
  • Choose this card when you activate "Last Turn", to send any remaining Dragons on your field or in your hand to the Graveyard. By the time you activate said Trap, this card's ATK will likely be high enough to destroy the Monster your opponent summons.
  • "That Grass Looks Greener" can be used to mill several Dragons and boost this card's ATK.
  • After activating "Last Will", use the effect of "Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End" to send "Black Metal Dragon" from the field to the Graveyard, along with all other cards. Afterwards, use "Black Metal Dragon's" effect to search this card, and "Last Will's" effect to search "The Black Stone of Legend". Special Summon "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" with "Black Stone's" effect, Special Summon this card, and attack directly for an OTK.
  • While you control a "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" that's equipped with "Black Metal Dragon", use "Heavy Storm" to destroy all Spells/Traps on the field and search this card.
  • Since many archetypes focus on one Monster type, "Tribe-Infecting Virus" makes a deadly addition to an REDD Deck. A Dragon can be discarded to power this card up and destroy the opponent's monsters.
    • If the opponent is also using Dragon monsters, "Dimension Guardian" should be used to protect this card from destruction.
  • "Painful Choice", if you target 5 Dragon-Type monsters, can give this card at least 1200 ATK.