• This card can be searched by "Dogu", "Single Purchase", "Chaos Zone", "Draconnection" and "Black Metal Dragon".
  • Use this card in a "rokket" Deck, since they give you certain advantages when sent to the Graveyard by a Link Monster's effect. Plus, if a "rokket" Monster on your field was destroyed, you can summon another one from your Deck during the End Phase.
  • Before summoning this card, you can use damaging cards like "Inferno Fire Blast" and "Meteor Black Comet Dragon" to whittle away your opponent's LP. Then when you summon this card, one attack from it can finish your opponent off.
  • While you control this card, Synchro Summon "Black Rose Dragon"(Which can easily be done by Normal Summoning "Debris Dragon" and reviving either "Kidmodo Dragon" or "Poki Draco" with its effect), then activate its effect. Then banish "Return of the Dragon Lords" from your Graveyard, protecting this card and "Black Rose Dragon". Finally, attack directly with both monsters for a potential OTK.
  • A Dragon/Virus Control Deck can use this card with ease. The Viruses require you to tribute a DARK Monster to activate them, which gives them two purposes: To destroy the opponent's cards, and power this card up.
    • "Mask Change II" and "Masked HERO Dark Law", although not meant for Dragon Decks, can be good cards to use in Dragon Virus Decks. When your opponent's cards are destroyed by your Virus/Mill combos, they will be banished due to "Dark Law's" effect instead of being sent to the Graveyard. Plus, you can banish one of the cards your opponent drew, but was not destroyed, once per turn. Plus, you have to Tribute one of your face-up Dragons to activate "Mask Change II", which grants this card 300 additional ATK.
  • "Forbidden Graveyard" can discard a Dragon to the Graveyard, and has the benefit of negating Graveyard effects for the turn. Apart from rendering Monsters like "Newdoria", "Fairy Tail - Snow", and "Electromagnetic Turtle" useless, it can also neutralize searchers like "Sangan" and "Mother Grizzly". Be careful, though; It will also negate the Graveyard-based effects of your monsters too.
  • "Cards of Consonance" dumps a Dragon-type Tuner from your hand to the Graveyard, giving this card 300 more ATK, and it also gives you two cards to draw.
  • The cost of "Tyrant's Temper" not only sends a Dragon to your Graveyard, but also leaves this card and your other Dragons immune to fatal Trap Cards like "Skill Drain" or "Bottomless Trap Hole".
    • In fact, using "Tyrant's Temper" with "Skill Drain" can cripple your opponent's Monsters, while yours will still be able to use their effects.
  • After equipping "Black Metal Dragon" to either this card or "Red-Eyes B. Dragon", activate "Release Restraint Wave" to destroy it, as well as your opponent's Set Spell and Trap Cards. Then use "Raigeki" or "Lightning Vortex" to destroy their Monsters, and attack directly with this card for an OTK. Summon it before conducting your Battle Phase, if you searched it with "Black Metal Dragon" after using "Release Restraint Wave".
  • This card works well in "Cyberdark" Decks as the main aim of the deck is to get Dragon-Type monsters into the Graveyard.
  • "King Dragun" can protect this card and other Dragons from being targeted by card effects, which can create a lockdown with "DNA Surgery". A Deck can be built around it, with this card being the Ace Monster.
    • Similarly, "Mirror Force Dragon" prevents your opponent from attacking your monsters or targeting them with card effects, since every card on their field will be destroyed if they do.
  • "That Grass Looks Greener" can dump Dragons from your Deck to the Graveyard.
  • "Zaborg the Mega Monarch" can destroy itself with its effect, which will allow you to send at most 8 Dragons to your Graveyard, giving this card a maximum of 2400 additional ATK.
    • In case you fail to defeat your opponent with this card, put "Converging Wishes" in your Deck.
  • "Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact", when Gemini Summoned, can protect this card from destruction.
  • Ironically, this card can be used in a "Destruction Sword/Buster Blader" Deck, due to the amount of Dragon-type Monsters used. "Buster Dragon" and "Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman" can lock down your opponent's Monsters, while yours will be powered up. In addition, "Dark Paladin's" effects make it a good backup plan if this card is defeated.
  • Summon "Grinder Golem" in Defense Position while you control this card and "Dragon's Rage", before attacking your opponent's new Monster for heavy damage.
  • If one of your Monsters is "Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon" or "Gandora Giga Rays the Dragon of Destruction", "Fiend Comedian" is a double-edged sword. If you call it right, "Heart-eartH Dragon" will return when destroyed with 1000 ATK for every card banished from your opponent's Graveyard, or "Gandora Giga Rays will gain 300 ATK for every card that was banished. If you call it wrong, several Dragons will be dumped into your Graveyard, powering this card up.
  • "Future Fusion" can be used to dump 5 Dragons in the Graveyard, and subsequently, summon "Five-Headed Dragon".
  • This card will have at least 6300 ATK if it is equipped with "Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword".
  • "Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8"'s effect can also be beneficial, because you can stall for time until you draw a means to summon "Darkness Dragon".
    • You can also use "Cyberdark" cards as support, ultimately causing this blend to become an intimidating force.
  • A great card to use this with is "Elemental HERO Prisma", which can both fulfill the requirement of sending a "Red Eyes" on your field to the grave, and at the same time, place more copies of "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" into the Graveyard for future cards such as "Birthright" and "Swing of Memories".
  • A good card to combo with this card is "Armed Dragon LV5" or higher "Armed Dragon" monsters. By sending Dragon-Type monsters to the Graveyard, with "Armed Dragon LV5's" effect, you can increase "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon's" ATK while still destroying your opponent's monsters by discarding cards like "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". "Darkness Dragon" can easily become more powerful than those monsters. You can also use this card after Summoning "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" because this card can gain 900 ATK for the 3 "Blue-Eyes" in the Graveyard.
  • If you send Dragon-Type Normal Monsters to the Graveyard with the effect of "Spirit Ryu", you power up "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon" permanently while giving "Spirit Ryu" 1000 ATK for each monster sent (but only for the turn).
  • You can equip this card with "Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword", which will give it 800 ATK for each Dragon in your Graveyard. Said Fusion Monster is particularly helpful with this card, as Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon's ATK can reach around 5000 even if the number of Dragons in your Graveyard is at a minimum, and this card will have 3900 ATK if neither you nor your opponent have a single Dragon in your Graveyard(Although such is very unlikely).
  • A "Meteor Black Comet Dragon" that was Fusion Summoned by "Red-Eyes Fusion" can be Tributed to Summon this card. The effect of "Meteor Black Comet Dragon" can then be used to Special Summon a Normal Monster from the Graveyard. Alternatively, if "Meteor Black Comet Dragon" is destroyed by your opponent, you can use its effect to revive a "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" to Tribute for this card.

Traditional Format

  • This card can be searched by "Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms".
  • Choose this card when you activate "Last Turn", to send any remaining Dragons on your field or in your hand to the Graveyard. By the time you activate said Trap, this card's ATK will likely be high enough to destroy the Monster your opponent summons.
  • This card can spell doom for "Apoqliphort Towers". "Towers's" effect based on Special Summoning doesn't matter, since this card is empowered by the Dragons in your Graveyard, and this card will destroy it by battle on your turn, assuming you have at least 4 Dragons in your Graveyard. Plus, when your opponent forces you to send a monster to your Graveyard, you can pick one other than this card to give it an additional 300 ATK.
    • In fact, you can use the effect of "Return of the Red-Eyes" to revive a Normal Dragon from your Graveyard anytime "Towers" forces you to send a monster to your Graveyard, and then choose the monster you just revived, rendering "Towers's" otherwise deadly effect useless.
  • Since many archetypes focus on one Monster type, "Tribe-Infecting Virus" makes a deadly addition to an REDD Deck. You can discard a Dragon to power this card up and destroy many, if not all, Monsters your opponent controls. There is no limit as to how many times you can do this in a turn, either. If your opponent is also using Dragon monsters, "Dimension Guardian" should be used to protect this card from destruction once you get it on the field.
  • Summon "Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End" while you already control "Meteor Black Comet Dragon" and "Black Metal Dragon" before activating its effect. Use "Meteor Black Comet Dragon's" effect to summon "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" from your Graveyard, and use "Black Metal Dragon's" to add this card from your Deck to your hand. After summoning "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon", attack your opponent directly for an OTK.
    • As an alternative, you can use "Chaos Emperor Dragon's" effect while you control "Black Metal Dragon" after activating "Last Will". When your monsters get sent to the Graveyard, use "Last Will's" effect to Special Summon "The Black Stone of Legend", and "Black Metal Dragon's" to search this card. Tribute "The Black Stone" to Special Summon "Red-Eyes B. Dragon", Special Summon this card, and attack directly for an OTK.
  • If you roll either of the numbers you declared with "Sixth Sense", you will draw more cards. Otherwise, you run the risk of sending more Dragons from your Deck to the Graveyard.
  • Use cards like "Card Destruction" or "Morphing Jar" to send Dragons from your hand to the Graveyard.
    • If you are also using Viruses, your opponent will likely have less cards in their hand than before.
    • Alternatively, you can use "Forced Requisition" with them and similar cards to keep your opponent's hand small.
  • "Painful Choice", if you target 5 Dragon-Type monsters, can give this card at least 1200 ATK.

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