• This card can work well in any Dragon-Type Deck. Equipping this card to a Dragon-Type monster will cause it to gain 500 extra ATK automatically.
  • Use "Dragon Shrine" or "Dragon Ravine" to send more Dragon-Type monsters to the Graveyard to power up the monster equipped with this card.
  • The easiest way to use this card as a monster instead of equipping it to another monster is to Summon it while having no other monsters for it to target.
  • Equip this card to "Archfiend Black Skull Dragon" in order to make a high ATK monster that cannot be stopped once it attacks.
    • With "Dragon's Rage" also in play, one attack on a Defense Position Monster will result in an OTK.

Traditional Format

  • Equipping this card to "Victory Dragon" will give it at least 1500 ATK. Keep in mind that that Monster can be Normal Summoned without any Tributes via "Star Blast".
    • However, it's best to set up your Graveyard, partially through "Victory Dragon's" Summoning Conditions, to get the most out of this card's effect.

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