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  • If the right cards can be placed in your hand; "Red-Eyes B. Chick" can be Summoned, then Tribute it for a "Red-Eyes B. Dragon", and then Tribute it to Special Summon "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon" for a powerful monster with an ATK of 3000 plus any other Dragons in your grave.
    • As an optional bonus, activate "Inferno Fire Blast" before Tributing for "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon". If there is no "Darkness Dragon" in your hand, this combo can be used on the first turn, thus avoiding both being unable to attack on the first turn, and the drawback of being unable to attack, due to the effect of "Inferno Fire Blast".
  • Once Summoned, use "Inferno Fire Blast" to deal 2400 damage to your opponent. Then, activate a Set "Metalmorph" to Summon a "Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon" and have a 2800 ATK hitter who can attack that same turn.

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