• After Gemini Summoning this card, equip it with "Black Metal Dragon". Then use this card's effect to destroy your opponent's low-DEF monsters. Afterwards, use "Release Restraint Wave" to destroy your opponent's set Spells/Traps, and search another "Red-Eyes" card.
  • In an Archfiend deck, this card can easily be Special Summoned from the Graveyard with "Call of the Archfiend" by discarding another Fiend-Type monster (preferably, "Archfiend Cavalry" or "Archfiend Empress"), allowing you to Normal Summon it and use its effect.
    • Another possible combo is Special Summoning "Archfiend Cavalry" (or "Archfiend Empress") with "Archfiend's Roar" on your opponent's End Phase, so it will be destroyed, triggering its effect that allows you to Special Summon any Archfiend (or any Level 6 or higher DARK Fiend-Type monster) from the Graveyard, so you can Special Summon "Red-Eyes Archfiend" and be able to Normal Summon it on your turn.

Traditional FormatEdit