• This card works well with the "Lightsworn" archetype. Because the effects of "Lightsworn" Monsters may mill Spell and Trap cards, this card will allow you to return them to your Deck (potentially saving you from decking out, but at the cost of some Life Points).
  • Use "Convulsion of Nature" after using this card's effect so that you can draw the card recycled next.
    • Multiple cards returned before "Convulsion of Nature" is activated is the only way to legally 'Stack your Deck'. This will allow you to set up plays with cards like "Reversal Quiz" and "Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude".
  • This card can be combined well with a Spell Counter Deck; use any of the following cards and they will search for another in the Deck. By returning the cards back into the Deck, you will always have a Spell Card to use each turn for Spell Counters and a possible Life Point boost each turn if you use "Spell Absorption".
    • Spell Power Grasp - Only use if there is not one in the Deck and only replace one. This card only allows one activation per turn.
    • Gather Your Mind - Only use if there is not one in the Deck and only replace one. This card only allows one activation per turn.
    • Toon Table of Contents
  • Use this card to return Equip Spell Cards to your Deck so that the effect of "Power Tool Dragon" will be able to search for the best Equip Cards possible.
  • "Ancient Fairy Dragon" can be used when you have two or more Field Spells in your Deck to make a very interesting Life Point combo. Destroy your Field Spell each turn and search for the other, you gain 1000 Life Points for this. At the beginning of your next turn, send the Field Spell you destroyed back to the Deck and 'rinse and repeat'.
  • This is extremely helpful against "Mill Decks" due to the fact that if you have a way of gaining multiple amounts of Life Points, like other tips on this page, you will be able to 'restock' your Deck faster than your opponent can mill it.
  • You can use this card along with "Card Shuffle" to return Spells and Traps to your Deck.
  • Use "Goblin Circus" in combination with this card to recover Spell Cards.
  • This card has a lot of chemistry with Madolche cards - since they focus so much on recovering monsters from the Graveyard and shuffle the deck so frequently, you can use this to recover your Spell and Trap cards as well, and keep your whole deck in circulation.

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