• This card is very useful in a deck that uses The Six Samurai. The Monsters in such a deck are a variety of Levels, giving you a better than average chance, and it is an easy way to get more than one Samurai on the field.
    • This works great in any deck that runs a variety of levels in general. This includes all the Vrains decks, like "Gouki" "Altergeist" "Trickstar" and others. "Kozmo" is another deck where a wrong guess is both easy and devastating.
  • "Sylvan"s work great with this card, as their effects will trigger regardless of your opponent's guess.
  • Combine this card with "Big Eye" to change around the top cards of your deck, potentially putting a monster with a ridiculously high level on top and fooling your opponent into helping you Summon a powerful monster. This works especially well with "Yubel", as it's one of the only monsters that is level 10 that can be Normal Summoned (thus, the chances of an opponent guessing its level is unlikely).
  • This card is great in thinning out your deck, regardless if you get to Special Summon a monster or not.