• While this card will probably see the most play from being searched with the effect of "Guardian Dreadscythe", this card can be activated normally from the hand. Using multiple copies of this card can provide "Guardian Dreadscythe" with a gargantuan ATK boost, depending on the state of the players' Graveyards.
  • To ensure "Guardian Dreadscythe" will get a greater ATK boost from this card, utilize cards that can dump monsters into the Graveyard, such as "Foolish Burial", "Lavalval Chain", or "Lightsworn" monsters.
  • Equipping this card from the Deck is an optional effect. Consider probing your opponent's defenses with an unequipped "Guardian Dreadsycthe" to prevent losing this powerful card too early or even losing due to "Magic Cylinder".

Traditional Format

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