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  • This card can be used in a Dark World Deck, since almost all of the monsters in that archetype are Fiend-Type.
  • Remember that Fiend-Type Tokens can be used as well as regular Fiend-Type monsters for this card's Summon.
  • After this card is Summoned, "Dark Necrofear" can be easily Summoned afterwards due to the Tributes.
  • Use this card as a Fusion Material Monster for "Evil HERO Dark Gaia", as it is tied with "Darkness Neosphere" and "The Wicked Dreadroot" for having the highest ATK of any Fiend-Type monster.
    • This card is also tied with those monsters for having the highest DEF of any Fiend-Type monster.
  • With this card's effect, "Goblin King" will gain more ATK from each "Phantasm Token" this card produces, along with this card itself.

Traditional Format

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