• If you have multiple monsters on your side of the field, and you want your opponent to attack one, but not the other(s), then equip that one with "Raregold Armor", and activate both "Battle Mania" and "Final Attack Orders" during your opponent's next turn. Then, they will be forced to attack the monster that you equipped with "Raregold Armor".
  • You can combine this card with "Magician's Valkyria" to prevent any of your monsters, not just Spellcasters, from being attacked.
    • You could even also combine this card with "Fiend's Sanctuary", in order to ensure that any of your monsters is unharmed, whereas your opponent keep taking damage to his or her LP, please.
  • If used on "Marshmallon" or "Arcana Force 0 - The Fool", your opponent will not be able to destroy any of your monsters by battle, since the above two cannot be destroyed by battle.
  • You can combine this card with "Yubel" monsters and "Battle Mania". With this you will force your opponent to attack your "Yubel", having them lose Life Points and protecting your monsters.
  • Equip this card to a monster while you have "Black Veloci" and/or "Steamroid" on the field, so it won't lose 500 ATK because it won't be able to be attacked as long as the equipped monster is on the field.
  • Equip this card to an "Earthbound Immortal". The "Earthbound Immortal's" effect will prevent it from being selected as an attack target, but this card prevents your opponent from selecting any other monster you control as an attack target, resulting in your opponent being unable attack any of your monsters.
  • Equip this card to a monster equipped with "Moon Mirror Shield" or "The Wicked Avatar", so that the only monster your opponent can attack will always be stronger than them.

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