• If you happen to have this card in your hand, use "King Dragun" to easily Special Summon it. This way, you'll have two behemoths with 2400 ATK, that cannot be targeted by opponent's effects.
  • With "Zombie World" on the field, you can Special Summon this card quickly when combined with cards like "Zombie Master", "Mezuki", or "Book of Life".
    • In addition when this card is used in a Zombie themed deck, "Zombina" would be a perfect card to bring "Rare Metal Dragon" to the field from the GY when Zombina's effect gets triggered, this works even without the need to rely on the effect of "Zombie World" in this case.
  • This card is perfect in a "Hopeless Dragon" deck; it is a level 4 DARK monster that can be dumped through "Armageddon Knight", summoned by "Dark Horus" and "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon", or banished to activate the effect of "The Dark Creator".
  • Since this card cannot be Normal Summoned it's a perfect card to discard for another effect's cost and can easily be brought to the field through effects which directly resurrect from the GY like "Call of the Haunted", "Zombina", "The Creator", etc.
  • Because this card's effect is only relevant for its own Summoning it does work well in a deck which mainly focuses around Normal/non-effect monsters and to benefit such monsters in combination with monster effect negating cards like "Skill Drain".

Traditional Format

  • "Cyber Jar" can be used to Summon "Rare Metal Dragon.
  • Discard this card as cost for any effect and easily resurrect it with "Monster Reborn".