• If you control the original "Utopia" and plan on using this card to Summon "Utopia Roots", first Xyz Summon "Utopia Ray" or "Utopia Prime" using its own effect, then activate this card. That way, the newly Summoned "Roots" will get a 'free' extra Xyz Material.
  • If you control the original "Utopia" and have a "Rank-Up-Magic" Spell Card in addition to this card in your hand, you can Special Summon "Utopia Ray"/"Utopia Prime" on top of "Utopia" with its own effect, then Rank-Up into "V" or "Victory", then use this card to Rank-Down back into "Utopia", then finally Special Summon another "Utopia Ray" with its own effect. This setup only requires 2 cards from your hand and results in a "Utopia Ray" with as many as six Xyz Materials, making its ATK boosting and dropping effects much more potent. Combined with this card's effect to negate the opponent's monster effects during the Battle Phase can allow for some very heavy damage.
    • You can also skip the last step for a "Utopia" with five Xyz Materials, allowing its effect to negate many more attacks than usual.
    • Summoning "Utopia Prime" instead of "Utopia Ray" at the end of the sequence theoretically would allow it to activate its effect twice instead of once in a pinch, but doing so would also require a card that can recover Life Points and such an elaborate setup is unlikely to have much use.

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