• This card's effect to return all cards in the opponent's Graveyard to the Deck works exceptionally well against "Destiny HERO", Dark counterpart, Zombie and other Decks that rely on Graveyard effects.
  • "Future Fusion" is an excellent way to Summon "Rainbow Neos" very early in the game, without going through all the trouble of having to search out its components.
    • If you're going to use "Future Fusion", include a copy of "Book of Moon". It will flip "Rainbow Neos" face-down and thus remove its bond to "Future Fusion" (neither card will be destroyed). Then, it simultaneously removes a weak point and provides "Rainbow Neos" with extra fodder for Spell/Trap removal. (This strategy will work with any "Future Fusion" Summon, for that matter.)
  • Use this card with "Assault Armor" since you can Tribute one monster on your side of the field to make all of your opponent monster back to their Deck. Then, send "Assault Armor" from the field to the Graveyard. So you can perform an OTK if your opponent doesn't have any Spell/Trap Cards that destroy monsters. such as "Mirror Force".
  • Using this card with "Honest" will make for a guaranteed 4500 damage when you attack or are attacked.
  • This card does extremely well in Twilight Decks.
  • "Deep Diver" can search any component for "Rainbow Neos" and it also can be used to Fusion Summon "Elemental HERO Absolute Zero".