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The main idea is to use "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus" to bring the other Crystal Beast cards, especially ones not normally used in traditional beatdown (cards like "Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise", "Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat", etc.) "Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle" is used for recycling "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus", as well as sparing it from being destroyed in your opponent's next turn before you're done using it. "Crystal Release" is good because it doesn't have to be destroyed for the effect to take place, just sent to the Graveyard. Equipping it to "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus" or any other Crystal Beast monster you intend to remove from the Monster Card Zone makes an easy pull from the Deck. Again, choose monsters you wouldn't normally want to pull to your hand. "Crystal Promise" is for "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus", "Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle" and "Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle". "Rainbow Path" is of course for bringing the "Rainbow Dragon" to your hand. "Crystal Beacon" can Special Summon "Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle" to recover "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus" and "Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle" in case they are destroyed. "Rainbow Dragon", with these 6 cards in constant play and with certain support ("Pot of Avarice", "The Transmigration Prophecy", "Crystal Blessing", "Rare Value"), can come out in as little as 6 turns.

Remember that "Crystal Pair" can only be used once you allow a Crystal Beast monster to go to the Graveyard. Being destroyed and placed in the Spell & Trap Card Zone does not meet the activation requirement for "Crystal Pair".

  • Another way to summon "Rainbow Dragon" quickly besides the above method is to use:
"Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus"
"Crystal Tree"
"Crystal Beacon"
"Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins"

What you do is first activate "Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins" for support. Then use "Crystal Tree" for it's eventual effect activation. Summon "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus" and some other Crystal Beast monsters and let them go to the Spell & Trap Card Zone. When you have two in the Spell & Trap Card Zone, activate "Crystal Beacon" to get another Crystal Beast to the field and then send "Crystal Tree" to the Graveyard to use it's effect. Then just Special Summon "Rainbow Dragon" from your hand.

  • You can also use "Foolish Burial" to send Crystal Beast cards to the Graveyard which also fulfills the requirements for summoning "Rainbow Dragon".
  • Since the ATK boost from this card's first effect lasts as long as this card remains on the field, you can use cards like "Crystal Counter" to put more Crystal Beasts back on the field to use the effect again and boost its ATK even further.
  • After having the 7 "Crystal Beast" monsters on the field or in the Graveyard, try to collect 4 in your Spell & Trap Card Zone, and activate "Crystal Abundance". Get rid of all you opponent's cards and then Summon "Rainbow Dragon", for a possible OTK.
  • It is possible to achieve an OTK with this card when there are 4 Crystal Beast monsters on your side of the field, giving "Rainbow Dragon" a total of 8000 ATK.
  • To keep this card in play use "Mist Body" and multiple copies of "Dark Bribe" or "Solemn Judgment". This card has 0 DEF, so your opponent will try to shift the battle position of "Rainbow Dragon" or just banish. So "Stardust Dragon" is pointless.

After increasing the ATK of "Rainbow Dragon" to an appropriate amount by sending Crystal Beast cards to the Graveyard, equip it with "Shooting Star Bow - Ceal" for a an OTK since the 1000 ATK decrease won't matter much.

Traditional Format

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