• Upon Summoning this card, or using its effect, target "Necroface" to banish cards from both player's Decks, and fuel a Deck Out.
  • If you can destroy a "Doomsday Horror", you should have at least eight monsters to use this card's effect.
    • It may also be good to have a "Doomsday Horror" of your own, so that you can destroy it yourself to re-use this card's effect.
  • Normal Summon "Armageddon Knight" OR use "Foolish Burial" and send a "D.D. Scout Plane" to the Graveyard. Then, banish "Scout Plane" and six other DARK Monsters to Summon this card. During the End Phase of that turn, "Scout Plane" will be Special Summoned; then the player can activate this card's effect during the owner's next turn and "Scout Plane" will come back in the End Phase. Rinse and repeat, and this card will continue getting more power.
  • This card is a great addition to the The Dark Emperor Structure Deck, which relies on banished monsters/effects, especially if the Deck is modified to have a greater emphasis on DARK Attribute. Many of the cards previously mentioned on this page are present in that Structure Deck.
  • A very useful combo is to activate "Burial from a Different Dimension".This card can banish up to 8 DARK monsters to increase this card's ATK to 8000 points, which should make up for a very powerful monster.
    1. After banishing seven different DARK monsters to Summoning this card, use it to return 3 banished DARK monsters into the Graveyard.
    2. Use "Magical Stone Excavation" to discard two DARK monsters and add "Burial from a Different Dimension" back into the hand.
    3. Re-activate that card to return three more DARK monster back into the Graveyard.
  • "Fiend Comedian" can help dump DARK monsters into the Graveyard, for either Summoning this card or for boosting its power.

Traditional Format

  • When using this card's effect with "Dark Magician of Chaos" on the field, if you play "Spell Economics" and "Dimension Fusion" with "Dark Magician of Chaos" banished, it will be Special Summoned onto the field. Then use the effect of "Dark Magician of Chaos" to add "Dimension Fusion" back to your hand then use this card effect to banished "Dark Magician of Chaos". Then use "Dimension Fusion" to Special Summoned "Dark Magician of Chaos" again and use this card's effect to continually increase its attack.
  • "Future Fusion" can send a large amount of DARK monsters from your Deck to the Graveyard for "Chimeratech Overdragon". After the Fusion Summon occurs, the owner's side of the field gets destroyed. After that, banish all the DARK monsters for a large ATK with OTK result.
  • Another good combo for this card effect is using cards like "DNA Transplant" or "Scroll of Bewitchment", then the monsters on your side of the field will not be banished, and if this card leaves the field, so you still will have monsters to prevent the opponent of making a direct attack, or you can after banishing all of your DARK monsters.