• This card can lend "Genex" decks impressive swarming capabilities. In addition to being able to Special Summon any "Genex" card you draw, it can Special Summon monsters searched by cards like "Genex Blastfan", "Genex Neutron", "Genex Power Planner", "R-Genex Crusher", "R-Genex Magma", "R-Genex Turbo" and "Vindikite R-Genex".
    • "Genex Blastfan" can be particularly useful with this card, as its searching effect triggers when Special Summoned by "Accelerator's" effect, meaning you add them to your hand and then Special Summon another monster.
  • This card's effect will trigger even by drawing "Genex" cards.
    • This way, cards that allow you to draw many cards in one turn can be very powerful coupled with this. For example, "Reckless Greed", "Hand Destruction" and "Maxx "C"" all can lend into a extremely fast swarm that can either result into an One Turn Kill or Summoning monsters to protect yourself from one.
  • Use with "Genex Undine" to get a free Level 6, 7, or 10 Synchro Monster.

Traditional Format

  • Use this card's effect with "Mirage of Nightmare" and to be able to summon monsters almost every turn.

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