• "Question" is best used late in the game, when your opponent has most likely forgotten the first monster sent to the Graveyard.
  • Use cards like "Soul Release" or "Skull Lair" to make sure the monster at the bottom is not only one you can summon, but one you would want to summon, however this might allow your opponent to easily guess the card.
  • This card works well in "Six Samurai" Decks if you can catch out your opponent. They have to say a complicated name perfectly and cards such as "Cunning of the Six Samurai" and "Enishi, Shien's Chancellor" can change the bottom card without having to use cards that won't benefit your deck in any other situation.
    • This card also works in "Karakuri" decks, as each monster has a complicated name including a specific number that the opponent has to remember.
  • Use this card with recycling cards like "UFO Turtle" and "Masked Dragon" so that way your opponent might think that it is one of them.
  • "Necroface" is another good choice with this card since you can remove the top 5 cards from both players' Decks if your opponent guesses correctly.
  • This card is useful in an A-to-Z deck, because it would be beneficial for the monster to either be summoned, or for it to be removed from play (for later using cards like "Return from the Different Dimension").
  • "Eclipse Wyvern" is a good card to have in the bottom of your graveyard when you activate this effect.

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