• This card can combo well with "Performapal Trampolynx" in several ways:
    • Its Pendulum Scale is 4, allowing for the Pendulum Summon of the "Qli" monsters.
    • After searching for a "Qli" card with this card, Pendulum Summon it using this card and "Trampolynx" in the Pendulum Zones, then use the effect of "Trampolynx" to return this card to your hand. You can then activate this card and search for another "Qli" monster and then Tribute Summon it by Tributing the "Qli" monster you just Pendulum Summoned, which will trigger the Tributed monster's effect.
    • After Pendulum Summoning several "Qli" monsters, the effect of "Trampolynx" can return this card to your hand, letting you Xyz Summon.
  • You can still use other Pendulum cards besides "Qli" because unlike "Timegazer Magician" the scale of this monster does not change. You can even use "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" since all "Qli" monsters so far are Pendulum, and also are Level 5-8, or "Performapal Turn Toad" to use its Pendulum effect each turn.
  • This card can be used with "Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer" for additional searching. As all Qliphort monsters that can be Special Summoned, apart from "Qliphort Scout" and "Qliphort Monolith", are Lv.6 or higher, "Luster Pendulum"'s Pendulum Scale doesn't harm them much. Combine this with "Echo Oscillation" (or "Wavering Eyes", if playing in Traditional Format) if you want to remove Luster Pendulum from your Pendulum Zone.
  • Neither this card nor "Qliphort Monolith" change their Level when Special Summoned. This allows them to be used for combos that the other "Qli" monsters can be used for.
    • Use this card to search for "Qliphort Monolith", and place it in your other Pendulum Zone. During your opponent's turn, activate "Echo Oscillation", destroying "Qliphort Monolith". During your next turn, use this card's search effect again (optional), then destroy it with "Echo Oscillation". Place 2 non-"Qli" Pendulum Monsters in your Pendulum Zone, and Special Summon this card and "Monolith" from your Extra Deck. You can now Special Summon "Cyber Dragon Nova" and then "Cyber Dragon Infinity", or use them as Materials for a Synchro or Fusion Summon.

Traditional Format

  • Conversely, this card can be used to search another Pendulum Monster, which can be placed in your Pendulum Zone to let you use "Wavering Eyes"'s search effect.

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