• Some simple notes:
    • You can activate this card's effect more than once per turn
    • You can attack with all your monsters after using this card's effect, aside this card.
    • This card's effect on another monster remains active as long as that monster is face-up.
  • If you're trying to build a deck that focuses on the various OTKs that can be made with this card, consider that this card can be added to your hand from your deck through "Doctor Cranium", special summoned from the graveyard with "Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane" and special summoned from the deck with "Soul Rope" and "Summoner Monk". All of these cards can bring this card out on the field so that it can use its effect to allow your other Psychic type monster(s) to attack twice.
  • Combine multiple copies of this card (and their effects) with "Power Injector" to deal heavy damage to your opponent.

Traditional Format

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