• Use this card on Synchro monsters, such as "Thought Ruler Archfiend", so you dont have to return cards back into the deck.
  • Given the relative ease of Synchro Summoning with Psychics, it's easy to meet the condition for this card. For example, if you Tribute Summon "Overdrive Teleporter", then use the effect to get out two "Psychic Commanders", then you can instantly tune one "Commander" with Overdrive Teleporter to summon "Hyper Psychic Blaster". After that, use this card to return "Teleporter", "Commander", and the tribute monster (assuming that it too is a Psychic) to your deck. After all this, you'll have a 3000 ATK healer, a 1400 ATK monster than can weaken opposing monsters, you won't have lost any monsters, and you can draw two cards.

Traditional Format Only:

  • After using "Mind Master's" effect to summon another Psychic and then sending itself and the newly-summoned monster to the Graveyard for the Synchro Summon of "Magical Android", you will have exactly 3 Psychics in your graveyard, allowing you to use this card.

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