• Use this card's effect with "Mind Crush", "D.D. Designator" or any other card that would usually be risky to activate if you do not know the contents of your opponent's hand.
    • Or, you can use this card's effect along with "Psi-Blocker". Activate this card's effect first to "analyze" your opponent's hand (whether you guess correct or not, it doesn't matter), then if you find some dangerous ones (such as "Honest"), you can use "Psi-Blocker"'s effect next to prevent it from working.
    • In a Gusto deck, this combination can be more reliable than "Musto, Oracle of Gusto" since Musto can only negate in-field face-up card effects, while "Psi-Blocker" can also block effects from ANY place (as long as you declare their correct names, even the face-down ones). "

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