• Although somewhat ignored, "Psychic Jumper" is exceptionally useful in Synchro Summoning. You could use "Jumper's" effect to trade other Psychic-type monsters with your opponent's monsters for material. In addition to that, if you traded in your monster for your opponent's ace, even better.
    • This is especially effective if the monster you're trading to them is "Mind Protector" in Attack Position.
  • Use "Emergency Teleport" to bring a level 3 or lower Psychic-Type to the field, then switch control of it to your opponent for a good monster or a needed Synchro Material monster. Also,even if you don't attack the monster you gave, it will still be removed from play by "Emergency Teleport's" effect.

Traditional Format

  • Use this cards effect to swap control of one of your monsters for a level 4 monster that your opponent controls and use it and this card in a Synchro Summon for "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier", then discard 1 card to return the monster you gave to your opponent to your hand, then discard that card to return another card on your opponents side of the field, or summon it next turn (or that turn, if your Normal Summon hasn't been used up).

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