• Name "Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En" to be able to use one spell or trap during both your turn and your opponent's next turn, giving you more ways to get rid of Shi En.
  • Name "Stardust Dragon" to be able to use cards like "Fissure" and other such destruction cards to rid your opponent's cards.
  • This card can be very useful against Harpie decks, since most Harpie monsters use the same name on the field and in the grave.

Traditional Format

  • After using this card's effect, you can use the effect of "Mind Master" effect to replace it with a more powerful Psychic-type monster.
    • You can also use the effect of "Mind Master" to special summon a second and third "Psi-Blocker" and use its effect to stop your opponent from using several cards during their next turn.
  • This card has a crucial part in the "Mind Master" OTK. After the field has been flooded with several powerful Synchro Monsters or beat sticks, you can tribute the last low-level Psychic in order to summon this card. Since "Brain Research Lab's" destruction would clearly cause a game loss due to the counters, you can simply name it with this card's effect. Doing so will cause it to lose the ability to hold counters, nullifying the massive risk of a next-turn "Mystical Space Typhoon", "Giant Trunade" or even an activated "Necrovalley".

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