• This card always works well in any Side Deck, no matter what the current Metagame is.
    • You can run this card in the main deck to get a round 1 advantage in a Match– if you can predict what style your opponent is playing.
  • Use this card to prevent powerful or Splashable traps.
    • Ban "Mirror Force" if you want to protect your monsters on the field, or "Heavy Storm" if you want to protect your continuous or face-down spell or trap cards.

Declaring a key card against an Archetype

No matter what kind of Deck one faces, every playing style has one or two "key cards" that the Deck's strategy hinges upon. Use this card to "ban" that key card, and entire strategies will be slowed down, if not falling apart entirely. Several examples can be found below:

  • It will also prevent "Elemental HERO Prisma" from being used, as long as "Prisma" was not on the field prior to the activation of "Prohibition".
  • Since "Malefic" and "Earthbound Immortal" monsters require a Field Spell Card to survive on the battlefield, decks making use of these cards are usually reliant on a single card that the deck can Search easily (for example, "Malefic" monsters usually rely on "Malefic World"). If one uses this card to "ban" that Field Spell, it would severely cripple the opponent's deck.
  • Declare "Qliphort Scout" against a "Qli" deck to significantly reduce the deck's consistency to search other "Qli" cards.

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