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  • This card can work well with a deck focused around special summoning from the grave or using "The Creator"/"Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon". An excellent example is when either is on the field, and you use the effect of "Prime Material Dragon" to negate a destructive effect. You can send a monster to the graveyard, and then special summon it either that turn or the following turn, depending on whether or not you used the effect of either earlier.
  • In a Disaster Dragon deck, this card is excellent for many reasons. One, it can negate destruction effects, and it's cost is actually a plus since it allows you to load up your graveyard with high level Dragons. Two, the effect that turns effect damage into life point gain is a huge plus. And lastly, this card, in conjunction with either "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" or "Genesis Dragon", can manipulate the Graveyard for the Special Summon of "Dark Armed Dragon".
  • Another good Dragon to use in a "Cyber Dragon"/"Cyberdark" deck, since its healing factor allows for the player to gain Life Points that would normally be lost due to "Power Bond", and when destroyed it can be used as a decent assimilation for "Cyberdark Dragon". The ability to defend monsters from destruction that are on the field whilst ditching potential assimilations in the hand is also a great benefit.
  • This card can be useful against Burn Decks as well as "Reactor" and "Burning Skull" Decks, allowing you to gain Life Points instead of losing them to those cards' effects.
  • If used with the right combo, this card can instantly stop the Frog FTK.
  • Use this card when your opponent gives you a "Lava Golem"; you'll have a powerhouse, and you'll gain 1,000 Life Points every turn. Alternatively, though rather convoluted, you can wait until your opponent has exactly two monsters (cards like "Ojama King" work wonders for this), sacrifice their two monsters for "Lava Golem", then on your next turn or so, summon a Scrap' monster, such as a token, activate "Creature Swap", trading the scrap monster for "Lava Golem", then summon "Prime Material Dragon", such as through "King Dragun" or "Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon's" effect. This can be done especially well with a combination of "Scapegoat"/"Dandylion" and "DNA Surgery", using "DNA Surgery" to change the tokens to Dragon monsters, tributing one to special summon "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon", and creature swapping another for "Lava Golem", then using "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon's" effect to special summon "Prime Material Dragon".
  • You can use "Spell Chronicle" to help get cards you need to your hand. If there are any still removed when it leaves the field you will gain some life points.
  • "Tower of Babel" can be useful as long as you make sure you activate the 4th spell.
  • Activate "Aegis of Gaia" to gain 3000 LP. Summon "Prime Material Dragon", then destroy "Aegis of Gaia" to reverse the Life Point loss and gain another 3000 LP.
  • Note that this card only reverses DAMAGE, not when you pay or lose life points (ie cost).
  • If your opponent has a Special Summoned Monster on the field, you can activate "Prime Material Dragon's" effect to negate the activation of the effect of his "The Seal of Orichalcos". The Seal will be destroyed, because it must have resolved for its protective effect to activate.
  • This card can combo well with White Dragon Ninja if you do not have a "Safe Zone".
    • Seeing as it can prevent anything from destroying your monsters while White Dragon Ninja protects your spells and the traps you have set in case your opponent manages to get a bigger monster than yours out.
  • This card can stop a burn deck, making this card a good side deck option.
  • This is a good monster to have to negate the activation of "Crush Card Virus".

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