• This card can be used to punish the opponent for using "Maxx "C"".
  • Against Graveyard-based Decks, use this card while you control "Masked HERO Dark Law".
  • When this card is activated, its activator can Chain a card effect that Special Summons "Protector of the Sanctuary", which will prevent the opponent from drawing any cards as a result, while their entire hand is still discarded.
    • Alternatively, if the opponent added a card during a Chain or via a card effect (either of which just resolved), one can respond to the resolution of that Chain or card effect with this card first, before Chaining "Droll & Lock Bird". This will produce the same effect as above.
  • This card can be useful against an "Infernity" Deck, which benefits from having an empty hand.
  • This card can be used in a combo with "Appropriate" in an Exodia deck.
  • Virus Control Decks can use this to their advantage. While a Deck Destruction Virus is still in effect, use this card to cripple your opponent's new hand. If multiple Viruses are active, your opponent's hand may be emptied altogether.

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