• Use Blossom Bombardment in combo with Predaplant Chimerafflesia to inflict massive damage to your opponent.
  • Revival Rose is ideal to use for Predaplant Chimerafflesia (or Predaplant Dragostapelia) Dark monster fusion material. For if the latter is destroyed, you can use Revival Rose's effect to special summon itself for an emergency defense or use for other purposes.
  • You might also use Fusion Tag on a Revival Rose on the field to treat it as a Predaplant monster, use that card and another Revival Rose for fusion material to have two back up monsters.
  • "Thorn of Malice" is ideal to equip with this card, for it will grant a 600 ATK boost and a piercing effect. Though it will not destroy the attacked monster, it can lower its ATK/DEF by 600 allowing maximum damage.
  • This card can be combined with "Predaplant Squid Drosera" or "Predaplant Banksiogre". When one is sent from the field to the Graveyard as Fusion Material for this card, a Predator Counter will be placed on the opponents monsters, (special summoned monsters from Squid Drosera, all face-up monsters from Banksiorge) reducing any Level monster to level 1 rendering them vulnerable to this card's first effect. Then, use a Predaplant Squid Drosera from your hand to activate its effect, allowing this card to attack all monsters equipped with a Predator Counter, which can result in a potential OTK, thanks to this card's ATK manipulating effect.
  • This card can deal more damage using its effect when battling a monster with 1900 or less ATK. When battling a monster with 1900 or less ATK, this card will have 3500 ATK and opponents monster will have 900 or less, dealing 2600 damage or more as opposed to 2500 or less. Attacking instead of banishing your opponents ONLY monster that has 1900 or less ATK will deal more damage, if your opponent's only monster has 2100 or more ATK, its best to banish. This is best to use when your opponent only has 1 monster that can't do anything.