(Note:The following tip(s) can only be used for the video games)

  • You can use this card together with "Honest" to escape the "Ojama Spatial Lockdown". Simply switch one or more "Ojama Token" to attack position and have it battle against your opponent's monster with the highest ATK and then discard one "Honest" to deal damage to your opponent by the effect of "Power Zone", though there will be a 300 Life Points damage to you since the "Ojama Token" is destroyed during the process. Now you have an open monster card zone to summon a monster and continue the duel. You can repeat the process for the other "Ojama Tokens". You can also summon "Breaker the Magical Warrior" or "Snipe Hunter" after the process to destroy "Mask of Restrict" and summon monsters such as "Destiny Hero - Plasma" by tributing the remaining "Ojama Tokens".
  • You may use this card with Elemental HERO Flame Wingman and/or Shining Flare Wingman.

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