• Combine this with "Kishido Spirit" so that during your next turn, you can attack without having your monster be destroyed.
  • Use this card in a "Chess" Themed "Archfiend" Deck. It makes for a strong defense when applied to "Infernalqueen Archfiend" because her effect includes raising the attack of your monsters by 1000 during the stand-by phase. It's also good to use on "Vilepawn Archfiend" possibly disrupting the opponent's flow of attacks for the turn.
  • In a Gemini Deck, this card works wonders with "Gemini Soldier" thanks to a built-in effect to escape destruction by battle.
  • Use with monsters that can attack directly, because these monsters usually have low ATK. Alternately you can protect a monster equipped with "Shooting Star Bow - Ceal" and regain the ATK lost by the card's effect.
  • Use this on your "Exploder Dragonwing" when it is attacked by a stronger monster, since it will not be destroyed in a battle with a monster with the same ATK, and can also inflict Burn damage if it destroys a monster.
  • This card is a good counter against a monster that gains attack rappidly, such as Dark Paladin. It's especially deadly if used with the Exploder Dragonwing strategy, depicted above.
  • Combine this with Maha Vailo so that if it is targeted as an attack the next turn it should have 500 more ATK than the monster that attacked it.
  • This card would work very well in a Fortune Lady deck, because most of the Fortune Lady monsters gain attack power during the standby phase, allowing the monster to survive, and overpower the attacking monster the next turn.
  • Activate this card after Alchemy Cycle or chain it to this cards activation to gain an ATK boost equal to the opponents monsters ATK.

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