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  • This card can easily result in an OTK, depending on the monster you Fusion Summon.
    • "Cyber Twin Dragon": Its ATK will be 5600, and it can attack twice, allowing you to do potentially over 10,000 points of damage at the risk of losing 2800 Life Points—which is avoidable and relatively low, especially considering the potential damage.
    • "UFOroid Fighter": Use "Gate Guardian" along with "UFOroid" to give "UFOroid Fighter" 9900 ATK. And for those of you who love the thrill of unnecessarily high atk if you could pull it off "Rainbow Neos" is the ideal card for this. Also using its effect to clear out all spells and traps before hand is nice too.
    • "Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem": A Piercing monster with 8800 ATK, and one that can shut down Spells and Traps while attacking.
    • "Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine": Similar to "Cyber Twin Dragon", however, it will have 8000 ATK instead of 5600. Can attack twice, and deals 1000 damage after destroying a monster.
    • "Chimeratech Rampage Dragon": Having 4200 ATK and potentially dealing over 12,000 damage, destroying Spells and Traps that can easily get in the way and being able to attack up to 3 times without any drawbacks makes this one of, if not the, best option for this card.
    • "Ancient Gear Chaos Giant": Similar to "Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem", it will have an ATK of 9000, and your opponent cannot activate effects during the Battle Phase while this card is on the field. Furthermore, its Piercing effect is more devastating because it can attack once each for every monster your opponent controls, and it cannot be affected by Spell/Trap effects.


  • Machine-Type Fusion Monsters that can be Fusion Summoned:
  Japanese name Attribute Level ATK DEF
Ambulance Rescueroid レスキューキューロイド FIRE 6 2,300 1,800
Ancient Gear Chaos Giant 古代の機械混沌巨人 DARK 10 4,500 3,000
Ancient Gear Devil 古代の機械魔神 EARTH 8 1,000 1,800
Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine 極戦機王ヴァルバロイド EARTH 12 4,000 4,000
Chimeratech Overdragon キメラテック・オーバー・ドラゴン DARK 9
Chimeratech Rampage Dragon キメラテック・ランページ・ドラゴン DARK 5 2,100 1,600
Cyber End Dragon サイバー・エンド・ドラゴン LIGHT 10 4,000 2,800
Cyber Ogre 2 サイバー・オーガ・2 EARTH 7 2,600 1,900
Cyber Twin Dragon サイバー・ツイン・ドラゴン LIGHT 8 2,800 2,100
Cyberdark Dragon 鎧黒竜-サイバー・ダーク・ドラゴン DARK 8 1,000 1,000
El Shaddoll Shekhinaga エルシャドール・シェキナーガ EARTH 10 2,600 3,000
Gatling Dragon ガトリング・ドラゴン DARK 8 2,600 1,200
Pair Cycroid ペアサイクロイド EARTH 5 1,600 1,200
Steam Gyroid スチームジャイロイド EARTH 6 2,200 1,600
Super Robolady レアメタル・ヴァルキリー EARTH 6 1,200 500
Super Roboyarou レアメタル・ナイト EARTH 6 1,200 500
Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union スーパービークロイド-ステルス・ユニオン EARTH 9 3,600 3,000
Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill スーパービークロイド-ジャンボドリル EARTH 8 3,000 2,000
UFOroid Fighter ユーフォロイド・ファイター LIGHT 10
Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem 古代の機械究極巨人 EARTH 10 4,400 3,400

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